Blog Prompt: Introduction (due Jan. 12)

To start blogging, you’ll need to set up a WordPress account and get yourself added as an Author to the course blog. I’ve sent you all an invitation email so you can do this–just follow the directions in the email and you’ll be all set.

So once you have your account squared away, by 11 pm on January 12, please post a 400 word (min.) response to the following prompt:

Introduce yourself: what are you hoping to get out of this class, what are you excited to learn about, how does the class fit into your broader academic or activist interests, and what about film, feminism, and queer studies interests you?

You can include photos, videos, or other digital media if you want–just remember to cite where you found them.

Feel free to introduce yourself using your WordPress username, initials, or however else you want to do that (you are not required to use or ever mention your legal name on this course blog). Please remember that this blog is PUBLIC and will remain online after this class is over. Do not post any names, personal information, language, photos, or material that you do not want current and future employers, partners, family, friends, professors, or co-workers to associate with you. I encourage you to choose a WordPress username that is not the same as your legal name or PennKey–just make sure to send me your selected username so that I may give you credit for your work.

Also make sure to check out your fellow classmates’ introductions to see the other fabulous folks with whom you are going to be spending the semester.