Katon’s Introduction Blog Post (DUE: Jan. 12)

Dear Dr. Hannabach, my classmates and everybody,

It is good to meet you all in this filming course of queer and feminism this spring semester. I am an exchange student from Hong Kong and I may have a big cultural difference with all of you. So if I have done anything wrong or not appropriate from the perspective of American culture, please let me know. And it is the first time I use blog of WordPress to share my views and opinion. It is hoped that I can get more familiar with this new technology and receive active response from anyone of you. It is all welcome.

With regards to the question of “what I am hoping to get out of this class”, I seriously want to know more about the queer and feminist’s world. As my minor in Hong Kong is Gender Studies, I am very interested in issues concerning the gender. Perhaps I am also a weird guy who does not fit in the mainstream of society. That may be the reason which initiated me to investigate more about the minority of society in the very beginning.

Besides, I want to get more knowledge about filming. As watching movies is so common and popular nowadays, I think it is a must for me to be sensitive in watching every movie, like being smart and knowledgeable enough to analyze the movies and understand what the author or director want to say. Otherwise, it would be wasteful to watch those movies. Thus, I expect in this course I can learn filming techniques to analyze movies with regards to their content, forms, settings, sound and effects and so on.

Of course, watching movies in class makes me excited too. In my home university, the courses seldom provide in-class screening because we have a very tight schedule and in-class screening may take too much time for a lesson. Thus, watching films in class is not preferred by teachers in Hong Kong. I am so excited now as I can watch movies with my classmates and teacher (i.e. all of you) together in class and have a fruitful discussion of the movie with all of you. It should be inspiring and enlighten me. I am so looking forward to our coming lessons.

I want to further study gender in the future. I bet this course would give me a foundation and basic knowledge of how the directors or authors speak up for the queer and feminists through one of the most popular and effective media – movies.

In fact, all movies about queer and feminism interest me as well. But in particular, I would prefer movies with topics of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). It is because in Hong Kong, they are the minority who cannot get any care or focus from society. I want to explore their world. By knowing more about them, I firmly believe that I can speak for them and make my home city cast more limelight and attention for them.

All in all, it would be nice of you to teach me anything at anytime. Most probably I would become a sponge to absorb all the views and opinion that you share with me. It is happy to discuss more gender issues with people around. At last, wish you all a blessing semester and hope we will all have a brilliant experience in this course.

Looking forward to your reply and your self-introductory blog post too.

Best regards,
Katon (Kai Chun, LEE)