Introduction Blog Post (Andrea Treus

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrea Treus and I am a junior in the school of engineering. I am majoring in mechanical engineering and am hoping to get a concentration in product design. I was born and raised in New York. I am very excited for this class because it is so different than my regular classes. It is very rare that I take a class that focuses on writing skills and analyzing. Although I tend to do better in the science fields, it is always refreshing to take a class where I primarily write.

            When I was reading the syllabus for this course, I was surprised to see how many different assignments we would be doing. Not only do we write prompts, but we also get to explore this course through twitter. I was also interested by the fact that we would be using Google maps and making a video. I have never done this in a class before so it will be a new experience.

            I took a film class before during my freshman year for my writing seminar class. It was a very interesting class in the sense that we got to analyze many films that I had not been exposed to before. I never understood these concepts until I took the class. Since it was only a semester, I have been looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge in films, especially in queer and feminism studies. I have never taken a class regarding queer or feminism and I would like to be exposed to this.

            I am taking this class because feminism is something that I relate myself to and I have never specifically taken a course on it. I hope that in taking a course at Penn about these topics helps me become more well rounded. Also, the fact these topics are portrayed in film makes it more interesting and relevant to the media.

I am very excited to take this class and to get to know all of you. Thanks for reading!