Blog Prompt for Group 2 (due Jan. 27, 11 pm)

By 11 pm on January 27, please post a 750-word response to the following prompt.


Genre conventions are heavily imbued with ideology, and film noir/neo-noir genre conventions are no different. What noir/neo-noir genre conventions can you identify in Bound, and how do they critique/uphold/rework particular ideologies of gender and sexuality? Specifically, what is the role of the femme fatale/lesbian femme in this process? You should draw on Chris Straayer and Lee Wallace’s articles in your response.


Your response should cite, analyze, and engage with the course readings in defining and explaining course concepts. Make sure to correctly cite all sources (including all videos, images, course readings, other written sources, films, and websites) both in-text and in a Works Cited list at the end of your post (instructions can be found here).