Blog Prompt for Group 3 (due Feb 3, 11 pm)

By 11 pm on February 3, please post a 750-word response to the following prompt.


According to Kobena Mercer, Harry Benshoff, and Sean Griffin, what are some of the ways that AIDS activists used film and video during the 1980s and 1990s to protest medical, political, and social violences? How did activist communities of color mobilize these visual forms to critique the intertwined violences of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny? Drawing on specific scenes and techniques, explain how you see these practices at work in Chocolate Babies. Find another film from the same era (1980s and 1990s) or a different era that also engages with these activist questions, explain how it does so, and embed a video, image, or hyperlink related to this other film.


Your response should cite, analyze, and engage with the course readings in defining and explaining course concepts. Make sure to correctly cite all sources (including all videos, images, course readings, other written sources, films, and websites) both in-text and in a Works Cited list at the end of your post (instructions can be found here).