Blog Prompt for Group 5 (due Feb 17, 11 pm)

By 11 pm on February 17, please post a 750-word response to the following prompt.


According to Helen Hok-Sze Leung, what are some of the genre conventions and politics of Third Cinema? Do you think Madame Satã embodies the genre conventions and/or politics of Third Cinema and New Queer Cinema? Use specific scenes and techniques from the film to support your claim. Find another film that engages with similar questions, explain how it does so, and embed a related video, image, or hyperlink.


Your response should cite, analyze, and engage with the course readings in defining and explaining course concepts. Make sure to correctly cite all sources (including all videos, images, course readings, other written sources, films, and websites) both in-text and in a Works Cited list at the end of your post (instructions can be found here).