Event: The Fully Functional Cabaret

The Fully Functional Cabaret

When: April 8, 2013. 8:00pm

WhereThe Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street).

The Fully Functional Cabaret, a thundrous, campy, beautiful love letter to trans womanhood written and produced by and starring an all-trans-woman cast; a peepshow into our hearts and voices.

Collaborative, full-length, community theater facilitated by Annie Danger with Star Amerasu, Ryka Aoki, Annie Danger, Red Durkin, Bryn Kelly, and Shawna Virago. This beautiful piece of community theater is brought to you by the minds that produced The Fresh Meat Festival, It’s That Easy! With Terry VanWeen!, The San Francisco Trans Film Fest, In Search of Geishaghost, The Gay Ole Opry, Red Durkin Is an Incredibly Funny Transsexual, and more.

The Fully Functional is a modern Vaudevillian cabaret; a full-length, theatrical production replete with musical numbers, deep audience participation, camp, terror, redemption, and more Reveals than you can shake a non-gender-specific stick at. Generated by an all-trans-woman cast, the content of this show takes the audience well past the skin-deep secrets and straight to the bone-deep truths of these six incredible, trans women. How do we get there? With riotous humor, T-ticket rides, song and dance, and wide-open hearts. Remember: in the end, Everybody’s Benjamin is Hairy…