Reminder: Meet in Van Pelt on Apr. 9

Just a reminder that on Tuesday April 9, we will be meeting in Van Pelt Library, Room 124.

We will be having lab time in which you will work on your digital video and map for your final project. Participating in the lab counts toward your participation grade, plus it is a chance to work on your project during regularly scheduled class time.


  • Your own laptop if you have one (PC, Mac, whatever you are using)
  • Materials you need to work on your digital video & map (audio files, written sources, video clips, images, web links, memory cards, etc.)

Mac laptops will be provided for those who don’t bring their own, but if you use the provided computers you will need to bring your own drive to download your project files to take home (make sure the drive you bring is big enough to hold multiple video files, which can be very large).