Signifying Monkey video draft 1


One thought on “Signifying Monkey video draft 1

  1. channabach

    Very intriguing! I like the interweaving of music, voiceover quotations, and still images.

    Were you thinking of this as the introduction to your video? As perhaps the first piece of it, which will be followed by your explanation and elaboration of the topic? Or were you wanting to use this as a structure and fill in more scenes in between shots to make the narrative?

    In your project proposal, you mentioned wanting to analyze how Gates’s concept of the signifying monkey can be applied to Paris is Burning, Chocolate Babies, and Boys in the Band. Are you still wanting to do this? If so, what scenes or clips from these films might you analyze? How do you see code switching and resignification at work in these films, and how might you visually build an argument about it in this video?

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