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One thought on “Video Draft

  1. channabach

    You definitely have some interesting clips here from All That Heaven Allows. However, I’m not sure what you are wanting to do with them yet.

    What argument are you making about this film? In your project proposal, you mentioned wanting to compare classic Hollywood melodrama with queer remakes by Fassbinder and Haynes. Is this still what you are thinking of? If so, which Fassbinder and Haynes films might you get clips from? Also, if you want to make an argument about classic Hollywood melodrama as a genre, you’ll need a lot more clips or images from other films. On the other hand, if you want your project to just be about this one film, you can stick with these clips and add more material to build an argument.

    Also, since the clips are all rather long, you might think about breaking them up and interspersing other images and/or text with them. You might also think about adding a voiceover that introduces your topic, explains your argument, and delivers your analysis. This way the clips will illustrate your argument, rather than stand in for it.

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