Katon’s Video Draft


Though I havent entered subtitles for some of the Chinese, you can still generally understand coz the interviewees spoke in English.

Hope you guys enjoy.


One thought on “Katon’s Video Draft

  1. channabach

    I like the idea of interviweing several people and asking them about representations of the femme fatale in specific cinematic traditions. Without subtitles, I don’t know what you’re saying or what questions they are responding to, which makes it hard to offer useful feedback. But one thing I do recommend is explaining in a voiceover or in some explicit way exactly what the photos are that you are showing your interviewees. It is hard to tell who is in the images or what they are of.

    The opening slide contains the question “femme fatale in Chinese?” What do you mean by this question? Do you mean “are there any femme fatale characters in Chinese cinema”, or “is there a word for ‘femme fatale’ in the Chinese language”, or “is there an equivalent to the US ‘femme fatale’ character in Chinese culture”? All three of these are very different questions, and I’m not sure which one you are exploring. The femme fatale is a stereotype, a fictional character created in U.S. (and to a lesser extent French) cinema during the 1930s and 1940s. SO when you ask about a “Chinese femme fatale”, are you asking about how a Chinese version of this character (a sexually assertive and often criminalized woman) is depicted in Chinese cinema or other types of Chinese media?

    I’m intrigued by what this video could become. I recommend addressing the questions I pose here, and keep going with the revising and editing.

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