Femme Fatale in Cinema – Andrea Treus


One thought on “Femme Fatale in Cinema – Andrea Treus

  1. channabach

    Looks like you have some intriguing images here, and the overarching narrative structure is solid.

    Obviously, you’ll be adding sound, but what kind were you thinking? You might think about a voiceover that states your argument and builds your analysis. This will link the images together.

    I also recommend making the font consistent throughout, or at least consistent within a single type of text. For example, each of the slides saying “Psycho”, “Bound”, “Criminal woman shows…”, and “Woman’s innate vanity…” contain different fonts, which is confusing. I recommend making this visually consistent. Also, cursive is very hard to read on screen. You might want to choose a font that is easier to read.

    How were you thinking of tying it all together at the end?

    Keep going, you’ve got a solid start here.

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