Video Draft

It took about five times as long as I expected to get the movies into iMovie, so the draft is currently just clips that I’m planning to use.


One thought on “Video Draft

  1. channabach

    You clearly understand how to build a visual and compelling story. Even in the absence of a voiceover explaining the link between the scenes (and films), there is a certain narrative that you build just through the editing, which is impressive.

    I am curious though what the voiceover will say (I’m assuming you’re using a voiceover??), and what your argument will be.

    A small thing: I recommend cutting out the first scene from Puccini for Beginners, the one where Allegra and Sam are going into the subway. It is confusing if a viewer hasn’t seen the film, and is unnecessary. I assume you put it there before the movie theater alone scene to indicate that they were dating? You can just start your explanation with “they broke up” and with the movie theater scene.

    Also, the very short scenes with Philip are confusing if a viewer hasn’t seen teh film (the scene in front of the bookstore, and the scene in front of the glass store where Allegra is talking to him on her phone). If you are going to be discussing the polyamorous plotline, or mentioning Philip at all really, these scenes should either be expanded to make them more clear or the necessary information should be presented another way.

    Overall, this is a great start and a great use of editing. After adding the voiceover introducing your topic, stating your argument, and supporting that argument with audio and visual material, I think this will be a very strong project.

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