Final Project Rough

This is still VERY rough. I have a good start on choosing relevant clips and deciding what I want to say about them, but still need to finish stringing them together, adding other content, narrating, and doing more finicky editing.


One thought on “Final Project Rough

  1. channabach

    Overall, this is a great draft!

    I really like how you’re using written text to ask questions and build your argument. The music you’ve chosen also works very well both to set the mood generally as well as help support your argument about power building and crescendoing in ways that can have resistant effects.

    The section about “undermining the male gaze” is a bit unclear. Part of it may be the clip you include right after the slide. Somehow the beach conversation between the men about tiredness doesn’t fully demonstrate the resistant quality you want to emphasize here. Is there a better clip you could use instead, and maybe move this clip somewhere else if you want to keep it?

    In the emasculation section, you should introduce the characters a bit more. Explain who Ada is having sex with, and why exactly viewing the sex through a keyhole emasculates Alistaire.

    This is a really good start. I’m excited to see where this takes you.

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