For written assignments, works cited lists and captions are not included in word counts

There will be a few opportunities for extra credit throughout the semester, which will be announced in class, on Twitter, and on the course website.

The course assignments are designed to ensure that doing poorly on a single assignment will not automatically result in a failing grade for the course (though you still must do the assignment). They are also meant to spread out the type of work required of you across the semester, to avoid having your entire course grade hinge solely or primarily on a giant assignment at the very end of class. Lower stakes assignments that require less time and research are worth fewer percentage points of your course grade; higher stakes assignments that require more time and research are worth more percentage points. For more information on grading, see the grading page.

Contribution to the Classroom

Contribution to the Public/Digital Sphere

Movies in the Real World

Final Project

A note on technology: I do not presume that students already have any familiarity with the technologies we will be using in this course. We will spend extensive class time introducing Twitter, WordPress, iMovie, and Google Maps, and students will be taught how to use these technologies for the purposes of this class. So don’t worry if you’re new to any of this, you’ll receive thorough instruction.


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