Public Contribution

Contribution to the Public/Digital Sphere (35%)

As cinema is a fundamentally social practice, we will be availing ourselves of two public digital platforms for sharing ideas and thinking critically about our world: WordPress’s blogging platform and Twitter’s microblogging social network. These will allow us to continue our classroom conversations beyond the walls of the university, and contribute to the broader social and public world.

Twitter (10%):

  • Each week, you will tweet twice about the course films, readings, and classroom discussion. Tweets can be questions/comments, retweets of relevant links, or replies to someone else in our feed.
  • Check out the Twitter page for instructions on how to sign up and use Twitter for this class.


  • Intro Post (2%): You will set up your account and introduce yourself by responding to a prompt.
  • Blog Post 1 (10%) and Blog Post 2 (10%): You will post a 750-word (min.) response to a prompt provided about the week’s materials. You will also link to images, websites, and videos that relate to the prompt. You will be graded on how well you address the prompt and requirements, citation and engagement with the course materials, and writing (clarity, grammar, organization, etc.).
  • 3 Blog Comments (3%): You will also comment thoughtfully at least 3 times on other people’s posts (75 words min.).
  • Check out the WordPress page for instructions on how to sign up and use WordPress for this class.
  • Grading Rubric–Blog Posts

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