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Video Draft- Take 2


Sorry! This should work now!


Final Project Rough

This is still VERY rough. I have a good start on choosing relevant clips and deciding what I want to say about them, but still need to finish stringing them together, adding other content, narrating, and doing more finicky editing.

Bringing AIDS to the Forefront: A Popular Culture Study

As promising as the title of this blog post sounds, the video draft I’m posting today is just a series of video clips I’m thinking of using for my actual video. For my digital video, I will be delving more into the way that popular culture helped bring AIDS to the forefront. While this is something I will be discussing in my paper, I think having a visual representation of what I’m arguing will be much more powerful. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!

Video draft

I want to include clips such as this one from American  immigration attorneys and how they portray the United States.

This clip also addresses how the U.S. verifies someone acting a particular way. It also has images from the NYT that I want to use.