Disabilities & Accommodations

This course welcomes students with disabilities. I will do my best to work with any student who requires disability accommodations and to minimize the access barriers posed by course structures and materials.

If you have a disability and will require accommodations––or if you aren’t sure and think you might—Student Disability Services can help. SDS is located at Stouffer Commons, 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300 (entrance is on Woodland Walk). Phone: 215-573-9235 (voice); 215-746-6320 (TDD).

Different types of technology are differently accessible to people due to bodily, economic, and regional differences. I have tried to make all the technologies used in this class accessible to screen reader software and keyboard navigation for people with disabilities. However, if something is not accessible to you due to disability reasons, please let me know. I will work with you to remedy the situation and ensure that all students–with an array of embodiments–can participate fully in the course.


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