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Blog Prompt for Group 1 (due Jan. 20, 11 pm)

By 11 pm on January 20, please post a 750-word response to the following prompt.


What are some examples of film noir genre conventions that you can identify in Alfred Hitchock’s Rope? Drawing on either D.A. Miller’s arguments in “Anal Rope,” Richard Dyer’s arguments in “Queer Noir,” or both, analyze how sexuality, gender, and violence are constructed in the film and relate to those genre conventions. Find a contemporary film (1980-2013) that exhibits some of these noir conventions, explain how it does so, and embed a video, image, or hyperlink related to this contemporary film (you might embed the film’s trailer, a clip from a scene, a mash-up someone made about the film or about noir, a meme about the film, film stills or publicity images from the film, a review of the film, etc.).


Your response should cite, analyze, and engage with the course readings in defining and explaining course concepts. Make sure to correctly cite all sources (including all videos, images, course readings, other written sources, films, and websites) both in-text and in a Works Cited list at the end of your post (instructions can be found here). You can insert citations in captions for images and videos, and parenthetical citations for all the rest.